Are your dips leftover worthy?

Are your dips leftover worthy?

So it’s the day after you just threw an amazing party and you have a taste for some of that delicious leftover dip. But what exactly do you do to make sure your dips are leftover worthy? This is where Shirley comes in to help us all with her expert advice.


First, when throwing an event it’s always best to keep your dips cool, less than 40°F. A great way to do this is by “nesting” your bowl; a technique involving putting your smaller bowl of dip in a larger bowl of ice so your dip is nested in coolness.
Another nesting option is one of our dip chillers. These are a more convenient and attractive way to nest with the ice being hidden, while dip is still kept cool and fresh. Our chillers also come in several different colors, so you can pick your fave while also protecting your dip’s temperature.


Secondly, when hosting an event, make sure to put small portions of dip out at a time and refill as the day goes on. By putting all the dip out at once, you risk the dip becoming too warm, which results in it no longer being safe to eat and going to waste.

Lastly, there are some dips that need a little more tender love and care to be leftover ready. If you are re-heating warm dips, they will have to be refreshed with a bit of water, milk, or whatever base originally used in the dip. For instance, if trying to refresh our Craft Beer Cheese Spread Dip Mix and you’ve added beer for the recipe, you’re going to want to add a little bit more beer when reheating to thin out the mix.

After following these tips, you’ll not only have tasty dips for your party, but also tasty leftover dips for the morning after. Happy Dipping!

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