DIY Pumpkin Dip Chillers

DIY Pumpkin Dip Chillers

With Halloween right around the corner, we are here to help you add a little bit of flair to your celebration with our DIY pumpkin dip chillers!

You can serve any of our delicious dip mixes with this DIY chiller, but we’ve helped you narrow your choices here with our Fall Favorites blog!

What You Will Need to Get Started:

  • 1 plastic 16 oz. deli container
  • 1 small-medium sized pumpkin (large enough to hold the 16 oz. deli container)
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • A large bowl
  • Carving tools
  • Ice
  • Any of our delicious dips (made and ready to serve)

Step 1

Let’s begin by tracing the outline of the 16 oz. container onto the top of the pumpkin using a marker. You want to trace it around the stem and try to center it to the best of your ability.

Step 2

Using your pumpkin carving tools or a serrated knife, carve the top of the pumpkin along the traced line so that you can easily take the top off of the pumpkin and fit the 16 oz. container inside the pumpkin. Whether you keep the top of the pumpkin is totally up to you! Next, use a spoon or carving tool to empty the inside of the pumpkin.

Step 3

After scraping the inside of the pumpkin, create a water and vinegar mixture in your sink or in a large bowl. You will use one part white vinegar to three parts water. Completely submerge your hollowed-out pumpkin (and its lid, if you kept it) into the vinegar and water mixture. Let it soak for about 30 minutes.

Step 4

When your pumpkin is done soaking, lightly dry your pumpkin to absorb excess water and let dry. Then fill the bottom with ice and place your 16 oz. deli container into the top of the pumpkin. You want the container to fit perfectly into the pumpkin so that the rim sits on the edge where you carved out the stem, and the bottom of the container should be inside the pumpkin and surrounded by ice to keep your dip cold.

Step 5

Serve and enjoy!

DIY Pumpkin Dip Chillers
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