Healthy Living with Country Home Creations

Healthy Living with Country Home Creations

With it being the new year, many of us share the goals of eating healthier and being more health-conscious in general. At Country Home Creations we make that easy! Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a hassle, and you should never have to compromise the flavor of your foods. We pride ourselves on our easy-to-make healthy recipes that don’t only look good but taste amazing too. Today, we will be sharing some of our favorite go-to healthy recipes for all to enjoy.

Dilly Spring Quinoa Salad

This delicious Dilly Spring Quinoa Salad is made using our Dilly Dip Mix! Included in this salad are asparagus, frozen peas, green onion, fresh dill, lemon juice, quinoa, olive oil, and slivered almonds. If quinoa is not your thing, try switching it out for brown rice! With so many ways to tweak this recipe to your taste, this makes the perfect lunch or side salad at dinner. Try it out for yourself!

Lime Cilantro Melon Salad

This is the ultimate salad for a hot summer day and for those who don’t mind a bit of heat. Fresh cubed watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe make this one of the most refreshing salads you’ve ever had. Freshly squeezed lime juice and a thinly sliced jalapeno add a unique spice and some heat to this otherwise sweet salad. But of course, it is our Lime Cilantro Dip Mix that really pulls the flavors together. Fruit lovers, it's time you try this salad!

Garlic Shrimp in Foil

Our Garlic Shrimp in foil recipe is out of this world. This dish can make for the perfect healthy appetizer, or it can become dinner when paired with a healthy grain or some greens. This recipe is beyond easy to make and only requires our Garlic & Herb Spread Mix, butter, salt, and shrimp. We suggest serving this delicious shrimp dish with some fresh French bread, it pairs great with the butter/garlic sauce! Whether you make this dish for yourself or a large gathering, everyone is sure to love it.

Vegan Ultimate Garlic Tuscan Potato Salad

Our Vegan Ultimate Garlic Tuscan Potato Salad is outstanding and makes for an incredible side to virtually any dinner. People tend to think all carbs are bad, but healthy carbs in a healthy quantity are important for a balanced diet. This salad is made using our Ultimate Garlic Dip Mix which is packed full of flavor and really makes the Yukon Gold potatoes taste great. This veggie-packed recipe is super easy to make and will quickly become a staple in your healthy lifestyle.

Hasselback Tomatoes

When people think about eating healthy, they tend to envision plain vegetables and a rather bland diet. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth and our Hasselback Tomatoes prove it! These flavor-packed Roma tomatoes are made possible thanks to our delicious Parmesan Pesto Dip Mix, and Garlic & Herb Spread Mix. The added parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, and olive oil all complement each other beautifully. This will quickly become one of your favorite veggie-based meals.

Wrapping it up

Eating healthy should be an exciting experience, not a limiting one. These are just a few of our many flavorful healthy recipes. Be sure to check out our website for more information and the full recipes.

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