From a church bazaar to an award winning operation, Shirley Kautman-Jones, has proven to be the epitome of following your dreams and believing in yourself. She is the founder and head of Country Home Creations, a company that offers a gourmet line of dried dips, soups, breads, and cheesecake mixes.

Shirley was working at a local bank when she would constantly hear her co-workers discuss how much they struggled to create easy yet impressive meals. So Shirley, who was a natural in the kitchen, decided to lend a helping hand and began creating meal preps that included simple recipes and necessary spices. When she began to realize how successful these creations were she decided to take a leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world.

It wasn't until Shirley tried her hand at selling her creations at a local church bazaar, selling all 100 mixes she’d prepared, that she knew she was on to something good. From driving all the way to Detroit to purchase fresh spices and herbs to hand packaging all her products, Shirley has gone to great lengths to making sure she is providing quality products.

Country Home Creations products can now be found at thousands of retailers across the country and even internationally. To this day, Shirley makes sure all the mixes are made the old-fashioned way; by hand every day using quality spices and herbs. From her basement to a fully functioning, award winning company with over twenty employees, it is safe to say that Shirley made her dreams a reality.



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Linda kaiser on

Love your dips!!!!!

Leslie Ashley on

From your email stalker so Happy I found your company so many many years ago.

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