Shirley's Tip of the Week #1

Shirley's Tip of the Week #1

Shirley if full of knowledge and wants to share her tips & tricks. We’ll make this a weekly blog. This week we will focus on the powerful benefits of using vinegar to clean your pans. Although a bit unconventional, you get great results! So let’s jump right into these vinegar recipes and what they’re best used for.


Vinegar to the rescue!

Frying Pans – If you feel like you can’t get that frying pan as clean as you would like, simmer ¼ inch of water and ½ cup of vinegar in it for about 10 minutes. Any pesky oil or fried food smell should completely vanish!

Burnt Pans – This usually comes into play when it comes to broiler pans. You can get rid of the burns by adding 2 cups of vinegar and ¼ cup of sugar to the burnt pot while its WARM, not hot, but warm. You then want to soak the pan for about 1 hour. After time is up, go ahead and clean your pot however you normally would.

Copper Pans – If you have a copper pan that has lost its luster, you want to put plain vinegar in an old spray bottle. Spray your copper pan and leave it on until you see the tarnish disappear.

So remember, vinegar is the secret weapon to keeping those pots and pans clean ladies and gents!

 -From Shirley with love

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