The Christmas Pickle Origin Story

The Christmas Pickle Origin Story

Christmas time is full of family fun and many memories are made. As the years have passed, many different and unique traditions have formed. One of those traditions includes the Christmas Pickle. This may sound like a strange tradition, but it's a favorite of many, and you may even adopt this tradition this year! Today we will be talking about what a Christmas Pickle is and the backstory that goes along with it! 

What is a Christmas Pickle?

A Christmas Pickle is a Christmas tree ornament that is in the shape of a pickle. The Christmas Pickle tradition is actually a game that many families and children look forward to each holiday season. The night before Christmas, parents of children hide the Christmas Pickle in their Christmas tree somewhere for the children to find the next morning. This may seem like an easy game, but the ornaments are often the same shade of green as the pine needles of the tree which makes the game more challenging.

Once a child finds the Christmas Pickle ornament, they get a special prize for doing so. Each family can come up with their own prizes but some include choosing the Christmas morning breakfast or being able to open the first present under the tree. The Christmas Pickle tradition can be looked at as another version of the holiday favorite, the elf on the shelf. It’s something fun for kids and families to look forward to each year.

Where Did the Christmas Pickle Come From?

Families all over enjoy this fun holiday tradition, but where did it originate? The answer is, no one is completely sure but there are some theories. It was originally believed to have begun in Germany but in reality, hardly any families in Germany even know about what Christmas Pickles are. Some other popular theories include it originating during the American Civil War when a famished prisoner was given a pickle by a guard that saved his life, or it is also believed to just be a money-making tactic by store owners who found themselves with an abundance of pickle ornaments. It is believed that they may have made up the “German tradition” of the Christmas pickle to sell it to Americans and others interested.

We may never know where the Christmas Pickle tradition came from, but the mystery makes it all the more unique. This tradition is now enjoyed by families all over the world but is most prominent in the United States.

Enjoy a Yummy Christmas Pickle of Your Own!

While Christmas Pickle ornaments can be purchased online or in stores, we are excited to share our limited edition Christmas Pickle Mix with you all. That way you can enjoy this tradition in a yummy treat form and create a tradition of your own!

Our edible Christmas Pickle treats are super easy to make. All you need is ¼ cup of our Christmas Pickle Mix, 1 - 32 oz jar of dill pickle chips, 1 and ¾ cups of white granulated sugar, ¼ cup of white vinegar, and ¼ cup of water. 

All you have to do is drain all of the liquid out of your jar of pickles, without throwing away the jar or lid. Next, place your pickles back in the jar and shake up your packet of pickle mix before adding ¼ a cup of it in. Next, divide your sugar in half, adding one-half to the pickle jar and adding in your white vinegar on top. Then, add the rest of your sugar and water. Put a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the jar before tightly twisting on the lid. Flip your pickle jar upside down and leave it out at room temperature for 8 hours before placing it in the fridge. Be sure to shake the jar upside down every 3 days while it sits in the fridge.

That’s all there is to it! This delicious Christmas favorite is both gluten-free and vegan. This will quickly become a family favorite and a part of your holidays going forward. Try it out for yourself!

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