When Do Dips Mixes Go Bad?

When Do Dips Mixes Go Bad?

How many times have our eyes been bigger than our stomachs, or maybe we over-planned and bought one too many dip mixes? Well, no worries because we’re going to discuss the shelf life of our products. Here at Country Home Creations, our dips do not technically expire, but after a certain time period our dips will begin to lose some of their flavor potency.

If you have a mix that contains milk, flour, nuts, or powdered cheese, the suggested shelf life is one year. So, for instance, a few of our mixes this could pertain to are the Chile Con Queso, Cranberry Walnut, and Fiesta Nacho Cheese dip mixes.

If you have dips that don’t contain any of the key ingredients listed above, we suggest using the mixes within 2 years after purchasing. A few of our mixes this pertains to are the Fruit Dip Mix, Garlic & Herb Spread Mix, Dilly dip Mix, and Pesto Dip Mix.

The great thing about the shelf life of our products is that even if you don’t use the mix for its intended purpose, you can wait and use it for another recipe or big event, and it will be just as tasty! So next time you feel you’ve over-purchased, just look at it like you’re actually over-prepared for your next party or holiday.


Happy Dipping!

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