Which CHC Products Are Vegan?

Which CHC Products Are Vegan?

Here is a list of our mixes that are considered Vegan. 

May be used with dairy and plant-based substitutes, results may vary.

*Please note that the items listed may contain soy, gluten, or nuts. 

Vegan Mixes:


Vegan Bread Mixes

Vegan Soup Mixes 

Vegan Pickle Mixes:

Vegan Drink Mixes:

Vegan Cheesecake Mixes:

Vegan Cookie Kits:


The possibilities are endless when it comes to our dip mixes, you can make them into dips or you can use them to create beautiful entrees, desserts, and more. Check out our recipe page for ideas!

If you having any questions regarding our products, we are more than happy to answer them! We are just an email or phone call away.

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