Honey Apple Coffee Cake

Honey Apple Coffee Cake

  • 1 packet Honey Apple Pecan Dip Mix
  • 2 cups of baking mix (i.e., Bisquick® or Jiffy®)
  • 2/3 cup of milk (may use water)
  • 2 Tbls. sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 Tbls. butter or margarine (melted)
  • 2 Tbls. hot water


Preheat oven to 375°. Grease a 9-inch round or 8-inch square baking pan. In a medium size bowl mix together baking mix, milk, sugar and egg. Pour into baking pan. In a small bowl mix together packet of Honey Apple Pecan Dip Mix, butter and hot water. Sprinkle this mixture evenly over batter in pan. Bake 18 to 22 minutes or until golden brown, covering with foil for the first 10 minutes so the apple pieces don’t get too brown. Remove foil for remainder of baking time.


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